Friday, April 27, 2007

Big, Small, or Somewhere In Between - #5, Kiss

or The Greatest Moments In My Life

I like to spend time recollecting. That's mostly a euphemism for zoning out, but sometimes good memories come back.

Really, I spend a lot of that time thinking about some of the great times I've had. There have been some really good ones, some great ones, and some nice little moments.


Before you continue reading, if you're a guy (or a mean girl) who's going to make fun of me for this one, go ahead and click on that little red x in the upper right corner of the window and go away!

More romance. Short and sweet, and very memorable to me. But it might come across as strange. I think it makes me look like a wuss. Like I might like chick flicks and romance and all that crap. But, I do. If you don't, then you probably already got bored with this guy's blog.

Before I start, I bring your attention to "way back when" sometime, when I wrote about some of my more memorable moments in life (Say Anything" Moments and Great Moments in Dating). I can't believe the one coming up didn't make it to my GMiD. Of all my "moments," it brings out the most intense emotion. It's hard to put into words, but I'm going to try.

then I did the simplest thing in the world.
I leaned down... and kissed him.
And the world cracked open.

-Agnes de Mille, b. 1905-

Three Roommates. Two of Which are Jealous Bastards (Thankfully)

In college, I roomed with three other guys in a two bedroom apartment. Two of these guys were part of the family/friends from Episode #2, Wedding.

At this point, it's the end of the girl's two weeks in town. She was going back to New Mexico the next day. Roland was on cloud nine and very sad.

We had spent a lot of time together. Disneyland was our first date. Her friends told me that I totally blew it by planning to take her there, but afterward she told me it was bold. Bold worked for me, I guess. It was a great, great day.

So, after two weeks of mostly me, her friends were feeling slighted. So, while I got lots of dates and practically that whole last day to myself, it was a little awkward to say our goodbyes at my own apartment and see her leave with one of my roomies and a couple of our other friends. But, there they went.

Roland is sad. Roland goes to bed.

I reiterate. I was sad. I went to bed.

My actual room mate (the one who shared my room and was not previously mentioned) worked late and always came in quietly. I remember the light from the doorway, just like always, and I fell back asleep, just like always.

Only it wasn't my roommate.

"Wake up a little," I heard whispered. It was pitch black.

I could feel her caressing my face as she whispered for me to wake up again.

She gently lay down on the bed next to me, sighing and nestling in. "I only have a minute. I told them I'd be right back down."

"What are you..." She shushed me with her finger.

"I left my jacket up here," she told me.

I could smell her hair. She turned to face me and then I could feel her kissing me so deeply and so tenderly. I found that she was laying on top of me, with her arms surrounding my head on the pillow. She sighed so deeply when she kissed me and I felt so enveloped by her. It was so dark and deep and everything felt complete or whole or full. That kiss. The touch. Her smell. Each was wonderful, but it adds up to so much more. It was such a short time, but it sometimes feels like it's still happening today.

Too soon, she stood up. I could sense her reaching down way under my bed and pull something out. Her jacket.

"Bye," she whispered as she stood to leave. I could see her red-brown hair in the light, as she opened the door. She had a quirky little smile on those lips.

"Hey!" I stopped her. "Kiss goodbye?"

She gave me a a cocky little huff and smiled as the corners. "Now, what did I just do?"

"You said bye..."

And, my God, she came back!

Mmmm... Another smile, another kiss, and one more of those sighs...


  1. I'm so glad you posted this. Such a great story. :)

  2. I liked this a lot, Roland. But hey, maybe I'm just a wuss too.

    Y'know, being under the influence of testosterone is often equated with being out of touch with one's feelings. Yet, two of the potentially most dangerous guys I've ever known--the kind of guys I wouldn't want to take on without a platoon behind me--were also absolute marshmallows when it came to women, kids, and other affairs of the heart.

    This is the kind of writing that got me involved with blogs, Roland. Thanks.

  3. Great story. We (men) don't often get these moments (I can count mine on one hand). And yet these are the moments that we live for and should strive for.

    I hope it happens for you again.

  4. Well said and well done....rare combination, my friend. That was beautiful...

  5. I love it Roland ... but then you know I'm a hopeless romantic ... :)

  6. I like. See? Bold _does_ work :) - Ralph

  7. I'm glad you all liked it.

    And Ralph, you are so right. Bold does work. I WAS bold once and I'd forgotten all about it until I started writing again.

    Although, I'll admit that it's a bit strange to write all these things down and have people other than my teachers reading them...

    It's good, though.

    Why am I writing this. No one comes back to read follow up comments. duh.

  8. Some of us are late to the party, that's why. This is a beautiful story. I've read it three times.


  9. Wow.. great story Roland. I did not know Iron Men had these soft spots too..

    I have read the others in your blog but did not comment so far. You have great writing skills.



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